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The Workshop
Based in the Worcester countryside Matt has a fully equipped workshop and timber supply. Below you will find a selection of Matt’s past work which consists of craft fayre items as well as commissions and production work. If you are thinking of having a gift made or need a replacement balustrade or chair leg, please get in touch as no job is too big or small!
About Matt
Matt Underwood first started woodturning aged 11 on a lathe his dad bought at an auction. Having had a few lessons with a local woodturner and some help from his grandfather he was soon gathering tools and equipment and in need of a dedicated workshop to expand his passion, and so ‘Matt’s Shed’ was born.

Having his own workshop has enabled him to develop his woodturning skills at pace, his parents often finding him still out there well into the night. Matt’s Shed has seen multiple layout changes, machines moved outside due to space restrictions, its 5th lathe and the door was even cut in half to allow access inside when the lathe bed extension is in place!

Matt has attended many excellent free youth training days/weekends held by the Association of Woodturners Great Britain which have been fundamental in his learning and confidence to turn.
His first craft market was in 2013 and since then he’s started to focus more on what he wants to make, or rather what sells!

The majority of timber used is native and most is seasoned at home. Matt sources wood from local fallen trees and enjoys experimenting with green timber. When starting off it used to be a case of ‘no timber and plenty of time’ however that quickly changed with the arrivals of GCSEs and A levels to ’plenty of timber but no time’! He is currently studying Product Design and Technology at Loughborough University.

Over the last few years he has been perfecting a range of wine bottle holders, apples, ‘magic wands’ and more recently calla lilies. Matt enjoys producing functional items as well as quirky products and is moving away from more traditional turnery.
Need a tree removing? Want something memorable made from it?
Please get in touch as Matt always needs to replenish his timber stock.
Matt has a supply of finished pieces but would welcome commissions, no matter how big or small! If you have any questions please feel free to make contact:

Mobile: 07970 686346
Email: [email protected]